Naoto Fukasawa Design

“MINGEI — The Shape of Beautiful Living” Exhibition

December 18th, 2020
From January 16 to March 7, 2021, MUJI Naoetsu Open MUJI will be holding an exhibition titled “MINGEI—The Shape of Beautiful Living,”, curated by Naoto Fukasawa.

The Mingei Movement of folk craft and MUJI, although born of different eras, have each continued to question their origins in the context of consumerism, while also taking in the influence of changing trends and lifestyles. Produced with the cooperation of The Japan Folk Crafts Museum (Nihon Mingeikan), the traveling exhibition, “MINGEI—The Shape of Beautiful Living,” hoists high the MUJI banner in an innovative, forward-looking form. The exhibition offers visitors a message replete with guideposts to the future and opportunities to appreciate the beauty of mingei. The name MUJI is derived from the original Japanese, Mujirushi Ryohin, which can be translated as “no-brand quality goods.” As the name suggests, MUJI is all about creating products that serve a useful everyday purpose by subtly and modestly blending into day-to-day life. MUJI’s aim has been to become a useful part of people’s daily lives all around the world, whatever the setting might be—from the kitchen to the living room to the washroom. Our hope is that this exhibition will provide guests with an opportunity to take a good, close look at the philosophy that has always shaped MUJI’s craftsmanship, one product at a time.